Update 3

-added random spawning of powerups (16 locations)

-made the stadium almost twice the size

-made the main menu look better

-made the win screens look better

-fixed a coding mistake where if a goal was scored Blue player would spawn in a wall (forgot a decimal point :P)

-added whistle sound after a goal is scored to start play

-added main menu music

-added pause menu which allows you to pause the game, resume it, restart, go to main menu or quit to desktop

-changed the starting scores to say, for example, Blue: 0 instead of Blue: 

-fixed bug with a ball hit sound playing at the start of the game

-made the ball hit sound more consistent

-added background stadium noise

Major update that improves quality of life as well as visuals. Next major update (Integer) will hopefully have another powerup called Speed Boost. The next Decimal update will be UI, graphics and sound changes, as well as preparation for the Integer update.


Bubble Soccer Update 3 24 MB
Dec 13, 2018

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