Update 3.5

-added new powerup Speed Boost

-added arrow in centre of player to point towards the ball (Ball Point)

-added some post processing effects (AA, occlusion culling)

-added button sound effects

-increased player speed

-12 more powerup spawn spots (total of 28)

-reduced mass of soccerball

-made walls bouncier

-added basic animation at start of game

-changed colour of particles to match the colour of the player who scored the goal

-removed some assets

-fixed Quit to Desktop button not working

-changed title

REUPLOAD: -if game is paused and powerups are active, all powerups will be deactivated. This is to stop getting infinite speed.

A general update that adds 2 new features: the Speed Boost powerup, which increases the player's speed by 150%, and the Ball Point, an arrow that points towards the ball so you always know where it is. The next update will have a new game mode and and hopefully achievements and a place to see what all powerups do.


Bubble Soccer Update 3.5 26 MB
Dec 19, 2018

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